Balance- the overall equilibrium of the picture, you can balance multiple small objects with one large object, or balance images using colors or values. 

Contrast – the difference between objects, usually occurs with colors, size, type, and value.

Emphasis- an element that draws the most attention, or is a focal point has this. This part of the design is usually singled out or made to be more prominent.

Figure/Ground- A silhouette, shape, or form is generally perceived as a figure while the area surrounding it is said to be the ground.

Scale/proportion- Scale deals with the objects actual size while proportion is concerned with the objects size ratio.

Repetition- An element where you simply repeat colors, objects, fonts, etc throughout the entire design.

Rhythym- very similar to repetition, creates a consistency that makes a design easier for someone to understand.


Unity/variety- Repetition throughout a design brings everything together to create unity while variety is created from the differences of shapes and colors throughout a design.