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Zapfino Typography Poster

I was chosen to create a typography poster using only the font, “Zapfino”. It was a difficult task

for me, because i like to create very abstract and bold designs. I had to stick with a much more

delicate and more on the lines of a calm design. I created about 4 different designs trying to

figure out what i wanted to do with this font. As i kept creating newer designs, I began

to become enlightened by the strokes of the letters in the font. It reminded me of a movie, and

in this movie it began with a scene of a woman writing a letter. The letter was towards the man

she loved. I began my newest design off of a memory of a movie. I remember her love was so pure,

and innocent that i wanted to make a very pure design that spoke love as you looked at it.

Unsure of what to write, or use i turned to listening to music for inspiration.

Then i came across a song that suited my theme for my design. My design

was composed with the lyrics, “They say love is forever, Your forever is all that i need”.

I used the lyrics form the song, “If i’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn”.

I created the heart in illustrator by creating one side and transforming the letters and

then copying my layers and reflecting them vertically. I finished the composition in photoshop,

i created three different gradient layers and used different layer styles to create the

mood i wanted. I then created the wings and halo to create a pure image. I edited the

layer styling and then i was done. This is my typography poster.


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