Category: Inspiration

Inspiration #8

The feeling of dominace in this image just pushes the limits


fashion photography just seems so much fun, and i love taking photos like these and combin them with others

The naturalness of this person smiling is just so beautiful and real its great to see a real smile for once.

The media persues the idea of Cigarettes being with sin, lies and seduction and i love illustrating it through images

By taking random shots before your photoshoot youre able to find pictures that are just as well composed and i love it, spontaneuos photography for the win.

It was just a great and fun shot to take, it took alot of time but it was just a great all around time

the open land shows the freedom within nature by escaping our own world.


i am inspired by the open sea and the promise of the horizon, the opportunity for adventure is shown through the smile of the girls face.