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Zapfino is a calligraphic typeface. Zapfino was a project delayed for about 40 years. The creator Hermann Zapf designed the font in 1944 in his sketchbook, but it wasn’t released until 1988 withLinotype. Zapf had a partner, David Siegel that helped with the project. However, before the project was completed, Zapf received a letter from Siegel saying that his girlfriend had left him, and that he has lost interest in everything. Due to Siegel leaving it inevitably delayed the project.Zapf finally built up the courage to present the project to Linotype.  They were willing to complete and reorganize the project. Zapfino was released in 1988 as a Type 1 font.





All eyes on me

I was named Jacob; Jacob Homsombath. I currently attend Chattahoochee High School. My life revolves around all forms of art; music, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography and graphic designing. I find myself as i work with photography and graphic designs. My mind is cluttered with random thoughts, ideas, emotions and beliefs. Due to my thought process i create many different designs in my head. Im quite an abstract artist, the work i create tends to be random but has the unity to make it all appear well thought out. Im also capable of creating structured based designs. I improvise much of my work, i take things step by step. Im not a planned out artist, but rather have my creativity flow and  rely on myself to finish the job. I create logos, business cards, t-shirts, websites, flyers, and etc…Graphics is my passion, the end.