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Inspiration #5

The media persues the idea of Cigarettes being with sin, lies and seduction and i love illustrating it through images


By taking random shots before your photoshoot youre able to find pictures that are just as well composed and i love it, spontaneuos photography for the win.

It was just a great and fun shot to take, it took alot of time but it was just a great all around time

the open land shows the freedom within nature by escaping our own world.


i am inspired by the open sea and the promise of the horizon, the opportunity for adventure is shown through the smile of the girls face.

Visual grouping is the idea of making a design that is balanced, and has a sense of unity. A well done layout would have its point stated and blatant and have other object within the design flow neatly with it.

Visual grouping in designs can create a nice, clean layout for posters, magazines, and etc.

By using repetition in a design you’re able to create a harminizing design that is remembered through repetition.

By creating visual harmony through repetition i’ll be able to make designs that can be remembered

The idea of visual echo is the concept of using the same elements or design principles for another piece related to the original piece. The use of same colors, fonts, and illistrative images are th basics to maintining the principle of visual echo.

Visual echo is a great concept to use when creating designs that require more than just one piece of work.

T-shirt Time

















Three shirts are from Districtlines and Dropdead apparel. My style reflects realistic photo manipulations, unordinary creative images that differ from others, and various hues to enlighten/attract others eyes.

My designs tend to be based on abstraction, emphasis,  photo manipulations, varied colors, and unordinary creative images.

The colors used were black, beige and a darker shade of beige.